Erik Spiekermann: Letterpress Printing at P98a

Take a look into Erik Spiekermann’s studio, P98a, a space dedicated to letterpress printing. Spiekermann talks about the importance of learning the skills associated and notes that the demise of such knowledge is impending yet becoming ever more relevant as a foundation for type enthusiast in a virtual age.

‘We also want to research what letterpress printing has to offer today. Whether it is useful in terms of expressing yourself artistically, by means of recreation or as a grounding. Study the past in order to gain ground under your feet on the virtual path …

‘The machines will last for another 500 years. That’s not my concern. The skills are dying out.’ Erik Spiekermann

Letterpress printing, as we know, is extremely time-consuming and labour intensive and in an age of lithography and digital printing it might seem like wasted effort. It isn’t an alternative to modern, commercial printing techniques but it retains its place as a craft ideally suited to producing beautiful things in small quantities.

Letterpress Printing at P98a

Erik Spiekermann
Interviews, Camera, Edit: Frerk Lintz
2nd Camera: Paulo Melo
Music: PNFA, Sylmar

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