Why letters on signs and buildings across the UK keep going missing

H_ve y_u been w_ndering where the letters in D_wning Street _nd W_terst_nes h_ve g_ne?

In June 2015, partners and brands around London, UK, removed the letters A, O and B from their names in support of National Blood Week. The new ‘Missing Type’ campaign uses the three letters that make up the blood types to raise awareness of the need for new donors.


The campaign is led by UK’s National Health Service (NHS) as research shows that new blood donors are in decline – there has been a drop of 40 per cent fewer new people signing up to donate in the last ten years, a trend blamed on the increasing popularity in exotic travel and tattoos, which temporarily bar people from donating.

Many people on Twitter changed their profile names and shared their discoveries with the tags #missingtype #missingletters.

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