Kino/Film – Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen

Meeting students and professor Elizabeth Resick and Scott Bakal from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Visit to the GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and Design to see the exhibition Kino/Film: Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen.

GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and Design in collaboration with Antikbar is pleased to present ‘Kino/Film: Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen’. As the UK/Russia year of culture begins, this exciting exhibition examines the golden age of Soviet film posters and is co-curated by Elena Sudakova, director of GRAD, and film critic and art historian Lutz Becker.

The 1920s saw the advent of new and radical graphic design created to advertise silent films across the Soviet Union. Film posters of this era have become masterpieces in their own right, produced at a time when innovative on-screen techniques were being incorporated into the design of advertisements. Some 30 works by the brothers Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg, Yakov Ruklevsky, Aleksandr Naumov, Mikhail Dlugach and Nikolai Prusakov, are on display.

(GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and Design)

Stenberg Brothers, Poster for ‘Three million case’, 1926. Courtesy GRAD and AntikBa
Stenberg Brothers, The screw from another machine, 1926. Courtesy GRAD and AntikBar
Stenberg Brothers, Poster for ‘October’, a film by Sergei Eisenstein, 1927. Courtesy GRAD and AntikBar


3–4a Little Portland Street London W1W 7JB
17 January 2014 — 29 March 2014
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