Category: Typography

Jamie Bitmead: Element Grotesk

During my research, I came across the book Adrian Frutiger Typefaces: The Complete Works, within which, I found a list of seven typefaces designed by Frutiger that never taken to production. Among these, was the typeface Element Grotesk.

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Constanca Castro: Lusíadas

From the beginning I wanted to do something related to my hometown since ISTD is an international society and I wanted to take advantage of bringing some Portuguese culture and design into my project. I decided to work with a well-known poem from Luis de Camoes that glorifies the Portuguese people on their maritime way to discover India.

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50 years of British road signs

In 1965 one of the most ambitious and effective information design projects was launched in Britain. The British road sign appeared on our streets for the very first time 50 years ago and has occupied an important role in our lives ever since.

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