Design students visit the Baseline studio

Every year, often during the summer months, Baseline opens up the studio to some eager design students. We welcome these guests that have travelled far from numerous international universities, usually participating in summer schools. This year we welcomed Prof. Richard B. Doubleday with Louisiana State University students; Prof. Bill Deering with University of Delaware students and Prof. Jennifer Yucus with Midwestern State University students.

The day usually starts off with a cup of tea, Jammy Dodger and a tour of Bradbourne House, an English Tudor stately home, which is central to the estate to which the Baseline studio is based. Group sessions are then held in the studio and the house to discuss the magazine as well as explore, in conversation, the fundamental values of design. The topics discussed are enlightening and often provide inspiration for further study. In the studio some of the young designers had the opportunity to look through design classics from the Baseline bookshelf such as the Jan Tschichold collection.

The day concludes with lunch on the lawn and a chance for some group photography, casual conversation and catching up on personal connections.

Louisiana State University (LSU) 

April 2014 – with Prof. Richard B. Doubleday

Images courtesy of LSU Graphic Design, 2014.

University of Delaware (UD)

June 2014 – with Prof. Bill Deering

Midwestern State University (MWSU)

July 2014 – with Prof. Jennifer Yucus

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