Production process – ‘Special 08: Frank Guille’

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our eighth ‘Special’. Limited edition 16pp booklet, designed, hand-produced and bound to provide inspiration and one-off, random imagery.

Every publication contains unique and exciting imagery which resulted from overprinted sheets from the production of Baseline magazine. Some thought provoking quotes by related designers are added to round off the experience of discovery.

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The title of each ‘Special’ is taken from the imagery and text of the overprint. This edition prominently features elements of Frank Guille’s article ‘Geometrics’, but it also included a fragment of ‘Security Printing’ by David Jury, both featured in Baseline 60. With each splicing into each other, Guile’s geometrical shapes were conspicuous throughout which led to the titling as such – ‘Special 08: Frank Guille’.


The sheets are folded and pages are separated, to make it efficient we use the process of tearing, in contrast to cutting, the outcome gives the edge a rough texture. This reminded me of the versatility of the material and the ease of manipulating its properties so that it becomes a new object and to have its purpose redefined.

Some of the prints were only printed in cyan on one side, others yellow or others void of any colour and were in greyscale. This added another level of interest, even though they were not overprinted, and so the idea of creating our own overprints in the studio came into mind. Pages were printed over others, this was achieved with the help of the office photocopier, after many tests and occasional jams the final results were intriguing and successfully contributed to the accidental randomness achieved with overlapping image, text and colour.




We experimented with some of the features on the copier such as inverting and changing the output colour. The ink sat differently to that of the original offset print which created a contrast between matt and gloss. It is difficult to represent the effect here on-screen but it is noticeable when handling and positioning the object at different angles.


The covers are 300 gsm card. They are found pieces from another job of the printers, originally destined to be postcards for a gallery they now recycled to become a part of our latest ‘Special’. Each sheet is cut into four pieces, we sliced through what is printed without consideration, amusingly beheading some of the figures in the images. The cover formed into a balanced mottled texture of colours and images that wrapped the booklet and sat in contrast beneath the belly banner.

Each cover is prepared using a variety of tools, some bespoke to crease the cover so it can be folded with ease and without damage.




The center pages for each ‘Special’ are designed to deliver a collection of inspiring quotes from iconic designers such as Frank Guille, Jan Tschichold, Paul Davis and Herbert Spencer. The colour of the paper is carefully selected to compliment the imagery inside.


They are individually bound by hand with a needle and thread. The colour was matched with that of the center page paper so not to obscure or unbalance the overall composition of the quotes. Black was considered but orange was found to be the more suitable. It not only bound the pages together physically but also aesthetically by bringing through the colour from inside to out.


The belly banners are made using the poster, the jacket, from Baseline 53. They are cut to size and printed in the studio, they are then separated, folded and wrapped around the booklet to be fixed. Each one is unique, depending on which part of the poster it was printed on, some have several colourful elements while others are sparse but each bring each ‘Special’ to a completed level.


It is awarding to produce a ‘Special’. The hand-crafted process is truly appreciated by those who work on it here in the studio, but also by the collector, since they sell out rapidly.

This edition is limited to 79. There are exclusive to the Baseline website, be inspired and immerse yourself in the accidental imagery and random text overlay inside. No two are the same.


Baseline Special 08: Frank Guille
HDR Visual Communication Ltd.


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