History and development of the Baseline logo

The Baseline logo has developed from the initial logo, with the introduction of alternative typefaces and styles. Take a look at how the logo has changed throughout the years to the present Baseline logo.

baseline logo historyBaseline no.1, 1979
Logomark/brand: Futura
Editorial typefaces: Romic Light and Futura Book Berthaud
Functional and modernist design of the logomark reflecting a clean and international style of the magazine.
Art Direction: TSI
Designers: Mike Daines

baseline logo history2Baseline no.10, 1988
Logomark/brand: Times New Roman
Editorial typeface: ███████
A neutral, almost anti design approach to the logomark.
Art Direction: Newell and Sorrell
Designers: Domic Lippa, Mark Diaper, Harry Pearce, Mo Coyne

baseline logo history3Baseline no.19, 1995
Logomark/brand: Click here for Competition 4
Editorial typeface: ███████
The logo was reflecting the varied typographical contents of the magazine. It slightly changed from an earlier version in 1994.
Art Direction: hdr design
Designers: Hans Dieter Reichert, Brian Cunningham, Simon Dwelly, Dean Pavitt, Stephanie Granger

baseline logo history4
Baseline no.52, summer 08/2007
Logomark/brand: ███████
The new logo is a customised stenciled interpretation of the magazine typeface, ███████. Its stencil design has been chosen to give the logo individuality, recognition and a sense of classic modernity. It reflects craft and hand lettering, as well as relating to mass production, creative thought and production processes.
Editorial typefaces: ███████ designer: Laurenz Brunner and ███████, designer: Jeremy Tankard
Art Direction: HDR visual communication
Designers: Hans Dieter Reichert, Paul Arnot, Paul Spencer, Jo Lewis, Amish Shah, Matt Woodfield

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