Adventures in Letterpress

Adventures in Letterpress
By Brandon Mise
Published in 2014 by Laurence King Publishing Ltd
Assistant editor: Antonio Del Toro
Photography: Lydia See
Designed and composed by Ghost & Company
Cover design: Pentagram with Jason Ribeiro
Printed in China

‘Tactile, retro and idiosyncratic, hand-printed objects have an undeniable appeal, especially in a digital age. In recent years, the nearly obsolete craft of letterpress has be resurrected by artists and designers who have rescued cast-iron presses from basements and scrap yards. Adventures in Letterpress features over 200 examples of the resulting work: elegant cards, edgy broadsheets and everything in between. Beautiful, humorous and sometimes just plain weird, the projects features in the book perfectly illustrate the vibrant future of this once-endangered medium.’ Laurence King Publishing Ltd

‘These abandoned relics (antique cast iron presses) of a lost era have allowed artists to steer away in brave and unusual new directions, using them in ways their creators has never intended or imagined. This collection of innovative, bold, and edgy art illustrates what the future holds for a medium that nearly had no future.’ Brandon Mise

cover Cover design: Pentagram with Jason Ribeiro

1The cover of this publication uses debossing to indent the title letters. This reflects the act of letterpress printing, where depressions are created in the paper

P.8: Brandon Mise lines up a sheet on the grippers of a Vandercook Universal I.
P.9: Top: Tianyi Wang of Tiselle Letterpress works on her SP15 Vandercook press.
P.9: Bottom: Woodtype locked up in a Vandercook at Rar Rar Press.

4P.88, Melbourne Real Estate – Chapel Press [design: Cornwell Design]

P.186, Recycled Box Cards – Lead Graffiti
P.187, Big Ben – Twig & Fig [illustration: Sam Posnick]

P.145, Go Nordeast – Angel Bomb Press

P.38, Garden Party Stand-up Cards by Suzy Ultman – Igloo Press
P.39, Santa Card – Zeichen Press

P. 150, Typographic Poster – Colin Fraxer and Elanor Annand

Cover design: Pentagram with Jason Ribeiro

This publication explores may aspects of Letterpress printing. It is structured into categories and themes such as: press humor, greetings and ephemera, products and packaging, business, politics, animalia, retro and the weird, typography, book structure, unique materials and tricky techniques as well as posters and broadsides.

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