Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression

Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression
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This publication is a catalogue for the exhibition Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression (Monozukuri, ways and printing surfaces).

The term monozukuri is a Japanese term which means ‘making things’. Monozukuri is ‘the duplication of design data into a material.’ It is the ‘art, science and craft of making things’ (Professor Takahiro Fujimoto of the Manufacturing Management Research Center at the University of Tokyo).

coverCover of Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression

Invitation to the exhibition Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression

1Photographs from the previous exhibition: Monozukuri: formes d’impression 
Left: 2, Title: REHAB, Designer: Coline Sunier & Charles Mazé, Date: 2010
Top right: 19A–D, Title: V (extraits du polyptique HAVRE), Designer: Frédéric Teschner, Date: 2011
Bottom right: 29, Title:1969–2009, Les Archives françaises du film, Designer: Atelier de création graphique, Date: 2009

12From Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression showing photographs of the past exhibition: Monozukuri: formes d’impression 

Exhibition introduction: Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression

8Exhibition introduction and references: Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression

left to right:
7. Title: Intimate stories on absence, Designer: Remco van Bladel & Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, Publisher: Onomatopee, Date: 2010
8. Title: Schauspielhaus Zürich Saisonvorschau 05/06, Designers: Christian and Louise Riis Ruggaber, Publisher: Théatre de Zurich, Date: 2005
9. Title: The Lousy Animals & Friends, Designers: Urs Lehni and Stefan Marx, Publisher: Rollo Press, Date: 2011
10. Title: Never Odd or Even, Designers: Manuel Raeder, Mariana Castillo Deball, Santiago da Silva, Publisher: BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE, Date: 2012

1485. Title: Collection Yamomoto 2000, Designer: M/M Paris

left to right:
11. Title: A reconstruction of a printed sheet of Ken Garland, Designer: David Bennewith, Publisher: Colopon, Date: 2010
12. Title: Forgotton Promises Catalogue, Designer: Graphic Though Facility, Publisher: Gagosian Gallery, Date: 2011
13. Title: In Search of a Forgotten Architect, Designer: Z.A.K., Publisher: AA Publication, Date 2012
14. Title: Cover Version, Designer: Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, Publisher: Book Works, Date: 2004

left to right:
48. Title: I am Dora, Designer: Claire Huss, Publisher: B.Books, Date: 2012
49. Title: Heimo Zobernig, Stell problemen, Designers: Armand Mevis and Linda van Deursen, Publisher: Walter Koeing, deSingel, Date: 2009
50. Title: Cathedral Cars, Designer: Thomas Mailaender, T.H Studio, Publisher: RVB Books, Date: 2011
51. Title: The Surveyor, Designer: Joachim Bartsch, Publisher: Spector books, Date: 2011

70. Title: Mecca, Designer: Mathias Schweizer, Publisher: Crédac,


left to right:
41. Title: Bjork, Biophilia remix, part 1–7., Designer: M/M Paris, Publisher: Kobalth music publishing, Date: 2012
42. Title: Ampersand, Designer: Åbäke avec Line Monthiers, Publisher: Dent-De-Leone, Date: 2012
43. Title: Arp is Arp, Designer: SpMillot, Publisher: Editions des musées de Strasbourg, Date: 2008
44. Title: Collection Yamamoto 1999/2000, Designer: M/M Paris, Date: 1999



1016. Title: Sans titre, Designer: Izet Shevshivari, Publisher: Boabooks, Date: 2010
Title: 1./2., Designer: Izet Shevshivari, Publisher: Boabooks, Date: 2010


2. Title: Material One, Designer: 3N17 Catherine Guiral et Quentin Walesch, Publisher: Ginny Cook and Kim Schoen, Date:2008

The exhibition runs from January 20, 2014 – February 28, 2014
The exhibition Monozukuri: façons et surfaces d’impression features 86 projects  exploring the use of materials and techniques to construct books. It looks at the choice of papers and the principles of biding and finishing books. The exhibition showcases contemporary print culture and explores the meeting between publishers and graphic designers.

Take a look at the exhibition photographs

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