ESADHaR/Le Havre

ESADHaR/Le Havre
by Hans Dieter Reichert

1École Supérieure de Art et Design, Le Havre, ESADHaR.

Court yard of École Supérieure de Art et Design, Le Havre, ESADHaR.

At my recent visit to Le Havre (with students from University for the Creative Arts, UCA), I wanted to catch up with some of the contemporary graphic arts in Le Havre. The artist printer Yann Owens, Prof at the local École supérieure de Art et Design, Le Havre et Ruen ESADHaR (College of art and design), is running the experimental screen printing course. Yann showed us some recent inspiring student work. The works, a ‘wall paper project’ range from special print technics to sculptural/object approach. i.e. drilling holes into paper roll and filling them with ink? Printing with heat sensitive ink, fluorencent ink and overprinting motives. Yann explained that the students had one week from initial designs to the finished wall paper design. Some designs even lend themselves to a limited edition print run to be sold in the local Museum of Modern Art!

3The wallpaper project with students of ESADHaR.

4Prof. Yann Owens, head of print workshops.

5Screen printing in progress.

6Testing the effect of heat sensitive ink.

7Detail of wallpaper design using heat sensitive ink.

8Students at work.

9Preparing the final prints.

10Preparing the final prints.

11Detail of student wallpaper print.

12Detail of student wallpaper print.

13Detail of student wallpaper print.

Besides teaching most academic staff also run their own professional practices. So does Jean-Michel Géridan, a former fellow academic at ESADHaR, now director of the École supérieure d’art de Cambrai. Himself and Owens head the publishing company ‘Franciscopolis’, which they founded two years ago. Franciscopolis produces prints, multiples, artists’ books, and essays on contemporary art.

Other academic staff at ESADHaR:
Vanina Pinter, former editor of ‘etapes’ (critical studies and history of graphic art).
Stéphane Troiscarres (video art), Brigitte Monnier, former associate of Jean Widmer (typography).
Patrick Gabis (conceptual documentary photography).
Maxence Alcalde (philosophy and general culture)
Emmanuel Lalande (experimental & improvised music).

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