Competition 4 – The Challenge!


Congratulations to Jaejae Hyun who has won the latest Baseline logo competition! Well done!

The typefaces for this logo were:
b: Rotis Semi Sans
a: Akzidenz Grotesk
s: Charlotte Serif 
e: Lucida Italic
l: Helvetica
i: Rotis Serif
n: custom design
e: Bodoni

Competition: This is 1995 Baseline logo showing different typefaces. Can you name all 8 of them? Try and guess as many as you can. The person with the most correct answers will be the winner. In the case of more than one correct answer a winner will be picked randomly.

Simply identify the typeface of each letter (from left to right) and comment on this post below.

The prize will be two old original type specimen sheets by the German Bauer Type Foundry, Frankfurt from the Baseline archive. The sheets feature the typefaces Impressum and Graphic Script designed by Dr.Konrad F.Bauer and Walter Baum.

The competition ends next Tuesday 22.4 at 12pm.

Good luck from the Baseline team!

baseline logo history3




5 6 version-a

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  1. Ooh great competition. I’d love to know the correct answers, here are my guesses:

    b: Rotis Sans
    a: Helvetica
    s: Charlotte
    e: Lucida Italic
    l: Univers
    i: Mrs Eaves XL
    n: customised Chicago?
    e: Bodoni Bold Condensed

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