Baseline ‘Specials’

What are Baseline ‘Specials’?

Baseline ‘Specials’ are a limited edition 16pp booklet, designed and produced to stimulate and inspire!
Every publication contains unique and exciting imagery and thought provoking quotes by designers/artists. The pages are overprinted sheets from the print production of Baseline magazine. For the collector there is lots to explore and discover.

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Special 07: Matthew Carter

Our most recent Special is 07: Matthew Carter. This particular special was published in a limited edition of 33.




How are ‘Specials’ produced?

Take a sneak peek into the studio and see how we hand-make our ‘Specials’
Firstly we sort out the sheets which are overprinted during the production of Baseline magazine. The large single sheets are then folded in half three times. The sheet is then close to A5 in size.



The centre fold of each sheet is sewn onto a thicker cover. The cover is also made from sheets used in the Baseline production. These sheets are cut to size and folded in half. They are then wrapped around the contents and sewn together.


Once the pages are sewn securely to the cover then the pages need to be separated. The pages are made from a single sheet which are folded which means that the edge of the pages need to be cut apart in order to open up the contents. For ‘Special 07: Matthew Carter’ a bone fold was used to slice open the pages. This gives a ragged edge contributes further to the hand-made appeal of the ‘Special’. Sometimes the edges have been opened with scissors which gives a smoother finish.

It look some time to master …


Other ‘Specials’…

There is a whole series of specials.
Special 06: Ivan Chermayeff


Special 05: Arnold Schwartzman


Special 04: Emil Ruder


Special 03: Timothy Donaldson


Special 02: Dan Cruickshank


Special 01: Sir Peter Blake


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