Baseline ‘Scribble’ books

What are Scribble books?

A Scribble book is a A6, 140pp blank with 3 one-off fold out pages and enclosed type ephemera.

The idea to produce the ‘Scribble book’ was initiated at a proofing session at the printers for Baseline, back in 2009. We decided to share with you the unique and limited ‘make ready’ sheets, which are made every time a new Baseline magazine is printed.

‘Make ready’ sheets are used to run the colour up to optimum level before the actual virgin paper is running through the press. Because those are waste sheets, the accidental and random overprints create unique and exciting imagery. We made a selection and used three ‘fold outs’ in each scribble book. Each one is unique!

Enclosed with the scribble book will be ephemera which we collected at Baseline. These include printed, handwritten or painted precious and inspiring small items. So, be prepared to find a signature by a famous designer, or an Hawaiian postage stamp. No repetition here either! We hope that this aspiring little book and collection will generate lots of imagination and stimulation for you.

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