Baseline overprint poster signing

This sheet, titled No.5, comes from our limited edition overprint posters collection. They are a much loved by-product of the production of the magazine that show imposition pages from Baseline articles as well as, in some instances, images from other, unrelated and random jobs which were going through on press at the time. Here are some shots of poster No. 5 being signed by the Baseline team and prepared for shipment.

Director/Editor Hans Reichert adding his signature.
Signatories (left to right): Director Veronika Reichert; Director/Editor Hans Dieter Reichert and Junior Designer David John Lewis.
Limited edition No. 5 overprint poster.
Take a look at the rest of the collection in our other products. It features a limited selection that are stand alone, rare, one off ‘accidental’ design pieces. Overprints also take centre stage in our Special series, read more on the hand-craft production process – getting our hands dirty in the studio.

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