Baseline 4, 1981

Baseline 4, published in 1981
©1981 Published by TSI Typographic Systems International Ltd. and Letraset Ltd

This is the forth Baseline magazine to be published by TSI Ltd. and Letraset Ltd in 1981. Featured articles include: Adrian Frutiger Profile; TSI Caxton – new typeface review; Baskerville then and now; corporate identity systems and the typeface; Obituary – Herb Lubalin and Newsline.

Cover: ’Mnemotechnic alphabet of 1623‘

Detail: Mnemotechic Alphabet featured on the cover.

Left: Contents of Baseline 4, 1981
Right: Adrian Frutiger Profile

‘Adrian Frutiger Profile’ continued. Tony Bisley discusses Adrian Fruitger:

‘To most typographers the name Adrian Frutiger means one or, at the most, two typefaces –Univers and Frutiger. But Adrian Frutiger has, during the past years, designed over 20 typefaces; a number of these have been special typefaces for corporate identity systems.

To Frutiger, the design of a typeface is not an isolated design exercise but part of a wider research into the meaning of sign language and its place within the frame work of technical and social development…’

Caxton – Introduction to a new family of serif typefaces from TSI and Letraset. An interview with Les Usherwood.

Les Usherwood took inspiration for the name of his typeface from William Caxton, the 16th century pioneer of British printing.

Baskerville – then and now’ A review of the work of John Baskerville, one of the most celebrated of English type designers, and how his typeface has been interpreted.

Detail: ‘Baskerville – then and now’

‘Corporate typefaces’ – Examples of typefaces designed especially for identity systems.

The article features various corporate identities such as the British Post Office, Renault…

Detail: ‘Corporate identity systems and the typeface’

Detail: ‘Corporate identity systems and the typeface’

… IBM, V&A Museum and David’s Lemonade.

Detail: ‘Corporate identity systems and the typeface’

Detail: ‘Corporate identity systems and the typeface’

‘Newsline’ includes the obituary of Herb Lubalin.

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  1. Hi. Random thought. I am the little girl in the David’s Lemonaide photo with the billboard over my head (all grown up, of course). I came across your magazine on line and was wondering if you knew how to track down, Larry Robbins, the photographer for the brochure? I appeared in many of his photos throughout the years and would love to track him down. I appreciate your help. My portfolio has disappeared over the years.

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